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2 min readJul 30, 2021


The ADPlug platform is a P2P Ad production platform that connects talented creators and models around the world to small business owners who want creative and differentiated Ad content, allowing creators and models to generate income and small businesses to reduce Ad costs.

With the spread of smart devices around the world, not only adults who are engaged in economic activities, but also many students share information, communicate, and promote themselves through social networks or social media. Some of them make fun and informative content almost at professional level and many experts also share or sell their content to the public through social media.

This is a decentralized system that finds creators and amateur models hidden around the world through the establishment of a Symbol blockchain-based P2P platform and plugs-in them with small business owners who want to create an advertising content. This gives young people who are suffering from financial difficulties an opportunity to make money by utilizing their talents, and gives small business owners who cannot even think about making advertisements because of their costs an opportunity can make effective advertisements at a low cost. And an ecosystem in which all of this runs executed through a token called ADMON. This is the token ecosystem that ADPlug pursues.

A video clip of young German people enjoying house beer made by a startup company founded by college fellows at an open-air pub in Munich, a picture of a French model wearing clothes by a female designer of Dongdaemun, a fashion mecca in Korea, posing nicely in front of the Eiffel Tower, and a video clip of native Africans hunting deer and gathering together to have a BBQ festival, and then, attracted by the smell of a pork cutlet made at a small restaurant in Osaka, Japan and leaving one by one …
You don’t have to hire models and staff, pack your equipment and fly to another place to make this kind of advertising content.

How it works?

Based on proven profiles and portfolio information, ADPlug simply selects models and creators around the world, delivers what they want through automatic translation chat, and deposits them with ADMON tokens. In the case of a product advertisement or fitting photo, it may be inconvenient to send the product to the creator (or model) or local agent, but how convenient is it compared to leaving the country with the product to create an AD?

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ADPlug Official

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