ADPlug Agent Roles

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2 min readSep 21, 2021


In the ADPLUG ecosystem, agents act as branch offices of the ADPlug within a region or country and play a very important role in ensuring that the token ecosystem works smoothly.

Let’s define the agent roles as follows:

The agent does not act as an administrator on the ADPLUG platform. The agent is selected by strict screening by ADPLUG team among local operators who have secured studios and professional photographers. Agent will serve as an observer for ADPLUG’s ecosystem to work smoothly by helping models and video editing whenever necessary.

As the first operator in this important role the ADPLUG team is conducting a pilot project by selecting B2theModel LLC, an advertising content production company located in Minsk, Belarus, which is famous for its models. Now, fashion companies in Asia that payed hundreds to thousands of dollars at a time for still cuts, can handle it for at least a third of the cost.

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