ADPlug F.A.Q

We collected for you ADPlug Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADPlug?

ADPlug platform is a P2P Ad production platform that connects talented creators and models around the world to small business owners who want creative and differentiated Ad content, allowing creators and models to generate income and small businesses to reduce Ad costs.

What is ADMON?

The token used in the ADPLUG ecosystem is the Admon token (ADMON). Admon is issued as an ERC-20 token.

What is the role of the agent on the platform?

Agents act as branch offices of the ADPlug within a region or country and play a very important role in ensuring that the token ecosystem works smoothly.

Who could use the ADPlug platform?

ADPlug platform designed for creators, models and small business owners that want to create AD content for their product.

How can I join the platform?

The platform is still under development. But we plan to launch it in mid-2022.

Only photographers can place their portfolios?

Models, photographers, videographers and other creators could place their portfolios.

How clients send the goods to the creators?

The client sends the products to the agent through EMS. Only then agent lends the product to the model or photographer for filming.

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Plug-In platform that connects creators and small businesses around the world —

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ADPlug Official

ADPlug Official

Plug-In platform that connects creators and small businesses around the world —

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