ocADPlug Platform Service

ADPlug provides the platform service that plug-ins models and creators who produce content such as producing fitting photos or promotional videos with small business owners who request for producing and purchase, communicates through chatting, provides results, and terminates when paid by ADMON token.

Models and creators register their profiles and portfolios as they open accounts on the platform. They must go through the KYC process and their profiles are validated by teams and platform users.

Small business owners who want to request content also open accounts on the platform, conduct KYC process, search for the model or creator they want to work with, and select the appropriate person. At this time, the ADPLUG platform will shorten the client’s search time by recommending the best creator or model through AI analysis of the client’s requirements.

Clients and creators communicate through chatting. This chat provides a translation solution so you can choose automatic translation at any time.

If there is an agreement between the two sides, the contract will be signed. This contract is written as a smart contract based on the Symbol blockchain and the client must deposit the payment in ADMON token at the same time as the signature. When the client signs the final approval the deposited token automatically sends to the content creator wallet, excluding platform fees and agent fees. This is not due to the central administrator, but to the multi-signature and escrow functions of the Symbol, which are automatically carried out by the smart contract.

The client has to deposit the payment in ADMON token to conclude the contract. If the client needs to purchase ADMON tokens on the exchange but does not have an account on the exchange, he can deposit ADMON tokens through card payment, and the price of ADMON tokens is automatically applied at the time of payment.

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Plug-In platform that connects creators and small businesses around the world — www.adplug.net

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ADPlug Official

ADPlug Official

Plug-In platform that connects creators and small businesses around the world — www.adplug.net

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ADPlug Platform Service

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