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ADPLUG platform systems are classified into five main categories:

📍Blockchain Solution
📍DB Server
📍User Interface
📍Chat service

Blockchain Solution

The ADPLUG platform will be based on the Symbol blockchain developed by NEM GROUP LIMITED and launched in March 2021.

The Symbol introduces POS+ consensus algorithms to overcome the limitations of NIS1 mainnet of NEM GROUP’s traditional POI consensus algorithm and satisfy users’ needs. Unlike Ethereum, a newly built blockchain mainnet that can only be programmed through a separate virtual machine, it is made in C++, a language familiar to developers, and can be built in an api module way while supporting Java, making it easy to create enterprise solutions.

DB Server

ADPLUG must store and manage detailed information of models and creators from around the world. In addition, it is essential to have content storage that can share contents produced according to the client’s request. It will be built as a collection of other databases for operating the system.

User Interface

The ADPLUG platform is planned to be built in a Responsive Web form, available on both the web and mobile.

The ADPLUG service web is designed to allow clients to find information about numerous models and creators at once. In order to ensure that information from service providers on the platform is evenly exposed to users, the location and order of exposure by advertising or paying for it cannot be changed, and the information of models and creators will be exposed in the order of time and in turn.

Chat Service

ADPLUG is a platform that anyone in the world can participate in. Therefore, there will usually be a time difference between the client and the model or creator, so each user can set their own available time. Contract negotiations such as advertising concept and product description are carried out through the creator and client chat. At this time, the Google translation solution can be linked so that the other person’s writing can be automatically translated according to the user’s choice to facilitate communication.

Payment System

In the ADPLUG platform, ADMON Token is used as the main payment method. Therefore, the ADMON Token Wallet is linked by default. Members who already have an ADMON Token wallet can register their wallet address, and members who do not have a wallet can install a formal wallet or automatically register a virtual account wallet according to their choice.

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