ADPlug Use case

ADPlug is a plug-in platform that provides interaction between influencers and small business products anywhere in the world.

ADPlug provides the platform service that plug-ins models and creators who produce content such as producing fitting photos or promotional videos with small business owners who request for producing and purchase, communicates through chatting, provides results, and terminates when paid by ADMON token.

ADPlug Service System

Here is a diagram of how ADPlug service system works:

Inuri company that is based in South Korea. Company provides healthy products including herbal medicine that can benefit the health of children more effectively.

Victoria Bondarenko, 7-years experienced photography based in Belarus.

🌸Company and photographer register on the website.
🌸Upload their portfolios and fill up the account information.

🌸Company searches and selects photographer that suits for their requirements.

🌸Company contacts the photographer discussing project and fee details.

🌸Company pays to photographer with ADMON through the ADPlug platform.
🌸The payment is escrowed by Smart contract until work is completed.

🌸The company sends the items needed for advertising to an agent in the country where the photographer is located.

🌸Agent arranges photoshoot, hire the models, etc.
🌸Photographer creates video advertisement and photos.

🌸Agent sends the result to the company for approval.
🌸Company confirms the work.

🌸The payment is transferred to the photography’s wallet.

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