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The ADPLUG platform will be based on the Symbol blockchain developed by NEM GROUP LIMITED and launched in March 2021.

The Symbol introduces POS+ consensus algorithms to overcome the limitations of NIS1 mainnet of NEM GROUP’s traditional POI consensus algorithm and satisfy users’ needs. Unlike Ethereum, a newly built blockchain mainnet that can only be programmed through a separate virtual machine, it is made in C++, a language familiar to developers, and can be built in an api module way while supporting Java, making it easy to create enterprise solutions. Multisig and aggregate transaction functions of Symbols are linked to contract tools provided within the platform, allowing production payments to be automatically paid according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Since the Symbol’s smart contracts can be modified through multisigns of those involved, there is no need to rewrite smart contracts like Ethereum if the contract changes in the middle. Above all, Symbol’s POS+ consensus algorithm is designed to bring transactions to the nodes with the lowest Tx fee, so the transaction fee can be kept low due to the competition of each node, and the processing speed is about 100 TPS, which is nearly 10 times faster than that of Ethereum.

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ADPlug Official

ADPlug Official

Plug-In platform that connects creators and small businesses around the world —

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