How to join ADPlug platform

Here’s a guide how to join ADPlug platform, create and customise your personal account.

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2 min readOct 30, 2022

📌Step 1 — Create your own account

To sign up for your own account, visit the ADPlug sign-up page and complete the following steps:

1. Click Sign up
2. Create your username/password and insert your email address (or register using social networks)
3. Choose who you are advertiser/ fitting model/ photo model/ creator
4. Fill in the account details.
5. Add your social accounts or website.
6. Click Next
7. Set up your profile photo.
8. Add portfolio photos (you can skip this step and add photos later).
9. Click Confirm.

📌Step 2 — Personalize your Account

If you need to adjust any of the content, click the Edit Profile button, make the required changes, and then click Save changes button.

If you need to change your email/ phone number and other personal information click Settings — Personal settings.

📌Step 3 — Create photo album

1. Click My photos.
2. Title your album.
3. Add photos.
4. If you need to add more photos, click Add more.
5. Click Save photo.

📎 How to set up payment method:

1. Sign up your account
2. Click “Payment”
3. Click “Connect” in MetaMask wallet in order to connect your wallet to the account
4. Go to the MetaMask and copy your wallet address
5. Paste your wallet address in ADMON wallet section
6. Click “Save settings”

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