Partnership Signing Between ADPlug and B2TheModel

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2 min readAug 30, 2021

ADPlug (, which operates a P2P customized advertising platform announced in late of July that they have signed a business agreement with B2theModel LLC (, an agency based in Minsk, Belarus that works with photographers and aspiring models, to cooperate on the overall production and to create creative advertising and content.

Under this agreement, the two companies plan to cooperate in order to create content and advertising, working with amateur photographers and models. This will give young people who are suffering from financial difficulties an opportunity to make money by utilizing their talents, and give small business owners who cannot even think about making advertisements because of their costs an opportunity to make an effective advertisement at a low cost but with good quality.

The ADPLUG project started with AG INT PTE. LTD. in Singapore in 2018. After a long preparation process, last May the ADPLUG team was conducting a pilot project by selecting B2theModel LLC, an advertising content production company located in Minsk, Belarus, which is famous for its models.
“Now, fashion companies in Asia that paid hundreds to thousands of dollars at a time for still cuts, can handle it for at least a fourth or a third of the cost,” said Sunny Pae, the CEO of ADPLUG PTE. LTD.

Currently, the development of the ADPlug Platform has begun, and the token supply will begin with the listing of the exchange within the third quarter of 2021, and the ADPlug Beta version will be launched later this year.

Warren Kinney, the CTO of this team, “the ADPLUG team will do its best to develop stable systems, upgrade services with the aim of launching the full version of ADPlug in the first quarter of 2022, as well as cooperate with other agencies around the world.”

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