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In the ADPLUG platform, ADMON Token is used as the main payment method. Therefore, the ADMON Token Wallet is linked by default. Members who already have an ADMON Token wallet can register their wallet address, and members who do not have a wallet can install a formal wallet or automatically register a virtual account wallet according to their choice. In the case of a formal wallet, it is only available if you have a balance in your wallet, but in the case of a virtual account wallet, you can purchase and use the ADMON Token immediately through card payment whenever necessary.

When payment is made, the amount of ADMON tokens is locked according to the signed smart contract, and when the second multisig (the model or creator’s billing sign and the client’s approval sign) is made, the lock is released and transferred to the biller’s wallet.

Because the price of tokens is highly volatile, models or creators who are content service providers must bear the risk of price fluctuations during the production period. It would be fortunate if the market price rises when the contract is terminated and the payment is received, but vice versa, there will be no choice but to lose money. This is contrary to the values of the ADPLUG project, which is intended to benefit all users.

The ADPLUG platform provides users with a choice. In other words, if the content provider does not want a price change risk at the time of signing the contract, the price can be fixed at the ADMON price when the client pays, and content provider can receive it in dollars through agent when he receives it at the end of contract. Of course, you have to pay a certain fee for this option.

For the user, this escrow payment is simply recognized as received excluding fees at the end of the contract, but this is a kind of forward exchange transaction in which the client deposits ADMON under the contract and purchases ADMON at the same price.

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