Production and distribution of pet contents in partnership with MyPetPro and ADPLUG

On August 12th , CEO Brian Son, which is building the pet platform “MyPetPro,” announced that they have signed a business agreement with ADPlug (CEO Pae Sung W), which operates a P2P customized advertising platform, to cooperate on the overall production and operation of pet-related industries.

Under this agreement, the two companies plan to publish advertisements of ADPlug on MyPetPro platform while distributing content about abandoned dogs and pets produced by ADPlug on SNS to promote healthy pet culture and overseas expansion of related products.

MyPetPro is a blockchain pet platform that is created to donate related organizations to solve the problem of abandoned dogs, which is emerging as a social problem. A typical service model is to reward MPP tokens issued by members ( pet owners) who join MyPetPro for walking with their dogs, and donate tokens to abandoned dog protection civic groups if members wish.

If a member’s pet gives birth to a dog or cat, it can be sold through the platform. The buyers will donate a certain amount of tokens, and the donated tokens will also be provided to the members who applied for sale and abandoned dog protection organizations.

Singapore-based ADPlug is drawing attention by operating a P2P-type customized advertising platform that connects SNS (e.g YouTube) creators and models with small business owners around the world. As it is producing advertisements and contents at a rather lower cost than existing advertisers, it is expected to be a global promotional marketing window for small business owners who want to enter overseas markets.

CEO Brian Son of MyPetPro said, “This business agreement has paved the way for K-PET to enter the global market following K-POP. We will take the lead in creating a healthy pet culture, including protecting abandoned dogs.”

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ADPlug Official

ADPlug Official

Plug-In platform that connects creators and small businesses around the world —

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